antique thai scissors 1

The first cut is the deepest.

And these hand-forged antique Thai scissors are true originals. I mean, how many blacksmiths do you know these days?

I’m not sure what they were used for originally, but the giant loopy handles are a common sight in antique Chinese and Japanese scissors, especially pruning shears. (Sometimes called bonsai shears when it comes to Japan). Large handles give better leverage, so they’re likely to be made when scissors will be cutting something tough like branches or leather.

The blades are intriguingly u-shaped – that is they’re almost like two sides of a hollow thin round cone that’s been split lengthwise. (I realize it’s hard to tell from the photos.) So far I haven’t come across any others like them. Was this stylistic? For some special usage? It cut down on the amount of metal required?

antique thai scissors 2


antique thai scissors 4