indian lithograph

Vintage Indian Lithograph.

I love lithographs. The studio name on this vintage work strikes me with pleasure: “Modern Litho Works Bombay”.

This “framing picture”, as it is colourfully known in Indian English, presents a pantheon of gods and goddesses. The Shiva-faced linga in the large left frame stands out. I find this detail captivating, and at the risk of sounding sacrilegious, bizarre. Perhaps because it’s in such a different illustrative style from the rest of the lithograph.

Today’s printing techniques have lost the beauty in the bleeding colours.

The way the colour blocks imperfectly match up to the black-line borders is like mechanized wabi-sabi. Something about the combined notion of “imperfection”, which you’d normally associate with handmade, plus “mechanized process”, which you’d normally associate with personality-less precision, just does a little tap dance in my brain.


modern litho works bombay


shiva linga


nataraja indian lithograph


vintage indian lithograph detail


vintage indian lithograph detail 2


vintage indian lithograph