During their brutal reign from 1975 to 1979, the Khmer Rouge decimated the country of Cambodia. Up to 3 million men, women and children met their death at the hands of the brutality. The population of the country just before was only 7.3 million to start with. Beyond the unfathomable human toll, Cambodian culture was destroyed on a massive scale. Much of the country’s heritage was lost through physical destruction of the material culture and through the targeted execution of the nearly all the country’s artists, performers and professors who were its lifeline.

Of the 400 films produced in Cambodia prior to the Khmer Rouge, only a handful of film reels and survivors remain. The trailer below is for a documentary that seeks to reclaim some of this heritage. It presents the memories of these movies that live on in hearts, minds and film scraps.

The trailer looks fascinating. I wish the filmmakers luck in raising the funds to finish.



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