We’ve all got our figurative junk in the trunk.

This old junk food commercial is from 1970s Korea. Each country has its own favoured junk foods and fizzies. From the ubiquitous Thums Up cola of India to Japan’s quizzically named Calpis soda to Thailand’s cherished Fanta (the red Fanta soda is a favourite offering to spirits), Asia’s got variety in the sweet and bubbly department.

One of Korea’s longstanding long necks is Oran-C, which, as you might have been able to tell if you weren’t already familiar with it, is an orange soda. What I really love about this commercial is that the jingle is sung to the tune of everyone’s favourite folk classic, “Plastic Jesus”. There’s some lovely irony here if you really think about … comparing a plastic Jesus to religious salvation and artificial orange flavouring to real fruit juice.

But of course, I’m sure the tune just sounded good. And it’s a much lesser sin than Westerners getting East Asian languages tattooed on their bodies. A jingle is fleeting, but that inked mistranslation is forever.