Haunting Time Warp.

Palmy, Thailand’s spiral-locked Pop goddess, twirls through Bangkok’s beautifully antiquated Nightingale-Olympic Department Store in this 2011 music video.

I’ve been meaning for a long time to drop by the store to do an impromptu photo shoot of its dusty glory. The 1960s Thai Chinatown grandeur frozen in time… well, not frozen so much as crumbling and fading. But in the way that adds character.

Nightingale-Olympic persists to keep its doors open, seemingly determined to stay that way until, over eons, it manages to sell off stock that has been sitting unopened and not-yet-loved-by-someone for decades. It’s beautiful but with a tinge of sadness, which is how Palmy’s music makes me feel. I get strangely nostalgic whenever I hear her songs, even a “new” one like this. It transports me back about ten years to when she first became famous and floods me with random associated memories. Like a taste of tea-soaked madeleine. Oddly – because I never had any great connection with her music though I did share an elevator ride with her once.

But maybe I’m just “kit mak”, “thinking too much”, like she enquires about herself and her relationship in the song below: